stay tuned!

We have been hypnotizing logs for a week and we are expecting another won chia block! Statistically the win should have appeared last sunday and unfortunately still nothing :-( However we believe the statistics and we believe the whole Czech Farm pool as well. So trust it too, stay farming, stay ploting and stay tuned for more wins! I’m sure they will come soon.

Czech Farm pool was one of the first official pools in the world and the first in the Czech Republic. We are in contact with the Chia developers. We are always testing new possibilities and approaches in the code to improve the performance and optimize the processes of the whole pool. We are still growing! Czech Farm has 10 large farms under our management (we own one pair of them) with capacity of 1.6 PB, which are not even 50% filled with new NFT plots. Czech Farm is the largest Czech pool providing tools for farmers to maximum visibility of their farm and farm performance. We have a strategic plan for further development on all fronts. First of all the development of the pool and all its systems, marketing and business activities aimed at making Czech Farm a sexy pool that brings regularly (about once a day) interesting winnings. Just a winner in the ratio of regularity of win versus reward amount.

Farmers stay tuned and keep us in your good graces!

Czech Farm Team