Chia Blockchain 1.2.10

Chia has released a new code version 1.2.10 see

In this version Chia brings some great improvements see the developers statement: We launched our migration of keys to a common encrypted keyring.yaml file, and we secure this with an optional passphrase in both GUI and CLI. We’ve added a passphrase hint in case you forget your passphrase. More info on our wiki. We also launched a new Chialisp compiler in clvm_tools_rs which substantially improves compile time for Chialisp developers. We also addressed a widely reported issue in which a system failure, such as a power outage, would require some farmers to sync their full node from zero. This release also includes several other improvements and fixes.

Below are the main changes:


  • Added support for keyring migration from keychain, and the addition of passphrase support. Learn more at our wiki.
  • Enabled experimental use of a new Chialisp compiler in clvm_tools_rs in chia-blockchain, which is off by default, and substantially improves compile time.
  • Added Windows PowerShell scripts to support installation from source.
  • Added a test to check that we don’t reorg subslots unless there is a new peak.
  • Added harvester info to farmer logging.
  • Add ‘points found 24h’ to CLI reporting.
  • Added an alternative to pkm_pairs_for_conditions_dict() which is a bit more straightforward and returns the public keys and messages in the forms we need them to validate them.
  • Added ability to see unopenable plots at the end of plots check.
  • Added utility function.


  • Truncate points_[found,acknowledged]_24h to 24 hours at each signage point.
  • Improved reliability of, by increasing the interval between harvester checks, which should avoid spamming logs with excessive plot refreshing and cache updates.
  • Thanks @cross for change that allows using IPv6 address in config.yaml for remote harvesters and other chia services.
  • Change to stop creating unused indexes in block_records and full_blocks tables.
  • Removed unnecessary index in CoinStore & add additional benchmarks.
  • Changed db_sync setting to default to FULL. In a prior release, this setting caused some users to have to resync their full node from zero if the node went offline, such as in a power outage. Users can change this to OFF in config.yaml.
  • Updated the coin_store benchmark to enable synchronous mode when talking to the DB, since that’s the default now, and improves the output a bit.
  • Updated the old comment on chia/util/ with newer developer documentation.
  • Minor GUI changes based on community feedback.
  • Thanks @jack60612 for your help in improving our GUI code, including upgrading to electron 13, migration to electron remote, updating the latest dependencies, and more.


  • Corrected a super-linter name typo to GitHub
  • Thanks @sharjeelaziz for correcting our typo in your name. Our apologies for the error!
  • In macOS builds, changed the export value of NOTARIZE to fix some build failures.
  • Fix log output for duplicated plots.
  • Removed a flaky mtime check for plots that resolved an issue where file_path.stat() shows multiple copies of plots and slows performance of the farmer. Thanks @timporter for the assist on this one.
  • Thanks @jcteng for fixing a bug on the Chia DID wallet that showed ‘mojo:’' instead of ‘mojo’.

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