news in farm admin

Currently there are new updates to your farm administration see which mostly respond to feedback from farmers :-)


  • in the Overview section see there is a new farm size statistic for the last 24h (graph + token detail)
  • improved ETW calculation see (the original calculation couldn’t go below 1 day ETW, now it can, so let’s all try to take advantage of the update) *charts (where the change makes sense) now start from 0 (default setting), i.e. you can see overall how interesting the dips and rises are. The charts can be switched to the original view using the icon in the top right corner of the administration. Color blue = default settings starting from 0, red = original dynamic settings.
  • Graph of estimated wins now shows more historical data / wins for better overview.

We are preparing more news in the administration, so keep an eye on WEB and FORUM