Chia Blockchain 1.2.4

After a month Chia released a new code version 1.2.4 see Below are the main changes:


  • Enable the rust condition checker unconditionally in testnet.
  • Added support for multiple wallets.
  • Added a change to config.yaml to tolerate fields that replace network constants in config.yaml that don’t exist, but print warning.
  • Improvements to sync full nodes faster by improving the concurrency for downloading and validating blocks.
  • Added new call for logging peer_host: get_peer_logging that will use the peer_host value, typically an IP address, when the peername cannot be retrieved.
  • Added documentation for treehash params.
  • Added a py.typed file that allows other projects that pip install chia-blockchain to type check using our functions with mypy.
  • Added an RPC for coin records by multiple coin names.
  • Enabled querying AAAA records for DNS Introducer.
  • We now set the version for the GUI when doing a manual install using the script. Uses a python helper to get the version of the chia install and then converts it into proper npm format and puts that into package.json.
  • Added some new class methods to the Program objects to improve ease of use.
  • Added an option to sign bytes as well as UTF-8 strings, which is particularly helpful if you’re writing Chialisp puzzles that require signatures and you want to test them without necessarily writing a whole python script for signing the relevant data.
  • Added a first version of .pre-commit-config.yaml and applied the changes required by the following initial hooks in separate commits. To use this you need to install pre-commit, see
  • We have added many new translations in this release based on community


  • Correct * to ** kwargs unpacking in time_out_assert().
  • Changing the default to paginate to chia wallet get_transactions to address cases such as piping and output redirection to a file where the command previously just hung while waiting for the user to press c for the next page.
  • Removed commented-out debug breakpoints.
  • Enabled Rust condition checker to add the ability to parse the output conditions from a generator program in Rust. It also validates some of the conditions in Rust.
  • Switched IP address lookup to first use Chia’s service
  • Made changes so that when creating SSL certificate and private key files, we ensure that files are written with the proper file permissions.
  • Define a new encrypted keyring format to be used to store keys, and which is optionally encrypted to a user-supplied passphrase. GUI for the passphrase will come in an upcoming release.
  • Removed initial transaction freeze put in place at mainnet launch as it is no longer necessary.
  • Separate locking and non-locking cases for get_confirmed_balance_for_wallet, which will allow calling a few wallet_state_manager methods while already under the wallet_state_manager lock, for example during DID wallet creation.
  • Removing the index on coin_record spent column to speed up querying.
  • Made a change to the conditions parser to either ignore or fail when it encounters unknown conditions. It also removes the UNKNOWN enum value from ConditionOpcodes.
  • Renamed folder tests/core/types to tests/core/custom_types to address conflicts in debugger in PyCharm.
  • Disabled DID wallet tests while DID wallet is under construction.
  • Added pairing cache for faster aggregate signature verification.
  • Added block height assertions after block farming.
  • Added assertions for tx confirmation.


  • Fix single coin generator.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate plotnft names.
  • Fixed an issue during node shutdown in which some AttributeErrors could be thrown if the shutdown happens before the node fully started up.
  • Fixed mempool TX cache cost, where the cost of the mempool TX cache (for spend bundles that can’t be included in a block yet) would not be reset when the cache was emptied.
  • Fixed a failure to create a keychain_proxy for local keychains.
  • Fixed type annotation in sync_store.
  • Fixed an issue on initial creation of a coloured coin where code always falls into default else clause due to lack of type conversion.
  • Fixed NPM publish in clvm_rs.
  • Fixed mempool TX cache cost, where the cost of the mempool TX cache (for spend bundles that can’t be included in a block yet) would not be reset when the cache was emptied.

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