Czech Farm changelog

We have some news for you see changelog below:

  1. change password for administration see
  2. display of double proof (double-proof) by displaying an exclamation mark next to a specific plot in the list of plots of a specific farm (click on the tractor icon)
    • the plot is located on the farm’s discs more then 1
    • more then 1 harvester are running on the same plots
  3. ranking TOP 100 best farmers see
  4. block win information (+ 0.25 XCH) for a specific farmer in the payout list see with the trophy icon
  5. notification / alert to e-mail for specific situations see
    • sending news from Czech Farm i.e. possible elimination of unwanted SPAM from the Czech Farm (default: YES)
    • notification of token errors
      • notification of no new partials (default: 6 hours)
      • alert for double proofs (default: YES)
      • alert on late partials pool receive after more than 25 sec (default: YES)
  6. status monitoring of all Czech Farm servers and services by an external service by clicking on STATUS in the main menu or the url