Elon, try cryptocurrency Chia!

Dear Elon, you are obviously solving a conflict within yourself - what you would like and what you should. You’re a technology freak in a positive sense, and you’re more than interested in cryptocurrencies. They fascinate you! Tesla would probably never accept bitcoin (BTC) payment for their “zero emission “ vehicles without your substantial input and sufficient massaging of the entire management. Bitcon got a decent boost when you announced everything publicly (Feb 2021). Unfortunately after a few months Tesla stoped using non ecological crypto (May 2021). Cryptocurrency mining is not green, which goes against Tesla’s entire philosophy and marketing strategy. And unfortunately for you, Tesla is right about this. And bitcoin has begun to fall 10% down of its value. And of course you don’t like that :-) I get it, you hold a fair amount of digital fortune yourself. So, again, from the beginning. Massage the management, fire a few people in marketing and you’re back where you were, at least according to your new Twitter announcement “Most likely the answer is that Tesla would resume accepting bitcoin..

We have a solution for you. You’ll help yourself, Tesla and all of us at Czech Farm. Start investing in Chia cryptocurrency (XCH)! It’s perfect against Bitcoin, significantly greener, and just as much fun. Feel free to email or call us at Czech Farm. We’d be happy to explain the details and help you.


Czech Farm team