Chia Blockchain 1.2.1

Chia has released a new code version 1.2.1 see Below are the main changes:

we have docker image for you

If you want to simply farming with multi-platform solution, we have a brand new docker image available on dockerhub for public use see https://hub.

join the POOL today!

Czech Farm Pool is fully operational and farmers can connect. See the first version of the instructions at https://czech.

Chia Blockchain 1.2.0

Here we go! Full support for pools is here with version 1.

official pooling user guide

The official pooling user guide for farmers was released today see https://github.

reference pool entered to phase 2

The development of the reference pool has ENTERED phase 2! The developers still do not recommend making new portable plots for mainnet and keep for officially release (according to the first information their later use has about 75% chance).

news in reference pool development

About 3 weeks ago we informed you about the three phases of the reference pool development see https://czech.

10 PB reached

After about a month of operation of the entire Czech Farm project, over 123 farmers have put their trust in us with a total indicated volume of fences over 10 PB.

farm administration - BETA

The farm administration on the pool ( is gradually growing with new features, so we will introduce you to them.

Chia Blockchain 1.3.0

Chia has been without a new version for many months until today.