second block won!

Here we go! Czech Farm won his second block on 2.

stay tuned!

We have been hypnotizing logs for a week and we are expecting another won chia block!

Chia Blockchain 1.2.3

We’re already looking to win block 2 any hour now! ETW is still dropping, currently below 6 days.

Elon, try cryptocurrency Chia!

Dear Elon, you are obviously solving a conflict within yourself - what you would like and what you should.

size of pool 1 PB

Thank you to all farmers who put their trust in Czech Farm Pool.

Czech Farm changelog

We have some news for you see changelog below: change password for administration see https://pool.

first block won!

Here we go! Czech Farm won his first block on 18.

Chia Blockchain 1.2.2

ETW on Czech Farm is still dropping nicely and soon we will be under 18 days to win the block.

Chia Blockchain 1.2.1

Chia has released a new code version 1.2.1 see Below are the main changes:

we have docker image for you

If you want to simply farming with multi-platform solution, we have a brand new docker image available on dockerhub for public use see https://hub.